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Vintage Silk Flower Bouquet

Vintage Silk Flower Bouquet

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There is so much to love about these Vintage Silk Flower Bouquets. It has a certain refined elegance to it which always elevates its surrounding ambiance.

Key Features

  • Includes 4 Rose Flower Heads, 5 Hydrangea Petals, 2 Small Flowers, and Grass Berries
  • Makes a great addition to any room in your home
  • Made from premium quality material for a decorative finish 
  • Handmade by an artisan
  • Available in several different flower colors

Decorate your living space with the Vintage Silk Flower Bouquets and order yours today!

Vintage Silk Flower Bouquets Dimensions: The whole length is about 30cm/11.81in, Flower Head about 4cm/1.57in, Hydrangea Petal about 3.5cm/1.37in, Small Flower Head about 3cm/1.18in

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