How to choose the right vase for a gift

How to choose the right vase for a gift

Choosing the right gift is easier said than done. You have to put a lot of thought into thinking about your loved one’s preferences. And the same could be said when it comes to vases.

When choosing the right vase for a gift, consider the color, style, substance and size. Also don’t forget to keep the budget in mind, as it will play a major role in the material you decide.

1. Pick your loved one’s favorite color and style

The color you decide can have different effects depending on the material of the vase. Here’s a general guide to colors for vases.

i. Bright and vibrant colors

Smooth and shiny material works best for bright and saturated colors. Consider glazed ceramic, blown glass or even porcelain. These are also artistic substances, so you can get a variety of shapes and styles too - even from fine artists!

ii. Neutral colors

Brown, white, black, gray… Neutral colors never truly go out of fashion. They are timeless and so, and thus, look even better when paired with a classic stone or earthly substance. Unglazed vases are the best choice for such shades but you could get them in vibrant ones too.

iii. Pastel colors

Since pastel colors are light on the eyes, they look great in almost any substance.

iv. Metallic colors

Metals are the best substances when it comes to elegant and glamorous colors. Think about stainless steel, bronze or copper.

Pro-tip: Note that even if you have a specific color in mind, the vase doesn’t have to be plain. You can pick one with the favorite shade as a base and covered with polka dots, stripes or any other pattern on the top.

2. Select a convenient size

If you’re buying from a place that doesn’t have delivery options, you may want to go with a small size. It simply shouldn’t be that tiny to not have the space for flowers at all. But it should be normal enough to deliver the parcel easily.

If size isn’t an issue for you, select lightweight material instead. Plastic vases are the best as you can carry them and move them around very easily.

3. Consider the interior

Have you been to the recipient’s home? If yes, you can pick a vase that contrasts well with the wallpaper or wall colors of their living room or common area. 

But if you’ve never been to their place, a neutral colored vase or a glass vase would be best. You can get a black, white, sandy, gray or any other vase that can blend in well with the environment.

Pro-tip: For instance, for a minimalist space, a glass vase would be the perfect fit.

4. Matching vase material with personality

Is your loved one old-fashioned or modern? You could get the right vase depending on their personality. When it comes to vases, various materials and textures are available in the market. 

But here are some common ones you need to know about:

I. Metal vase

Metal vases are ideal for giving the rustic vintage look. You could get them in both old-school and modern styles. Look out for the bucket and pitcher styles - they are the most famous ones!

Pro-tip: Look for a metal vase with plastic liner as it will be able to handle water without rusting.

Ii. Glass vase 

Does your recipient have a knack for nature and the outdoors? Then go with a glass vase, as sunlight reflecting from it will only brighten up any space. Since the stems of flowers are clearly visible, these vases are a great fusion of fancy and minimalism.

Iii. Wood vase

Vases made of wood are also good for the vintage look or anything in between. It’s a great choice for nature lovers.

Iv. Resin vase

Vases made of resin are fun because this material allows for creativity in shape. They are bright and look playful, so if your loved one prefers lighthearted stuff, it’s exactly what you need.

Pro-tip: If you’ve got a really good budget in hand and your loved one has plenty of space, floor vases are a great choice. Although putting plants inside them is possible, most of them are usually long and better off as stand-alone home decor pieces.

5. Keep the budget in mind

Vases vary in prices according to the material for production. To get a good quality vase at a low price, buy one that’s made of cement, ceramic, glass or plastic. But if you can afford an expensive one, high-grade ceramic, wood, stoneware and colored glass vases are the best.


So when choosing the right vase for a gift, keep the color and substance in mind. Don’t forget the budget, as it will play an essential role in filtering the style and material that’s just right.

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