How to choose the best vase for your home

How to choose the best vase for your home

Home sweet home! It isn’t just about the color and texture of the walls. But it’s also about the home decor - elements that can breathe life into any space. 

And among these items, vases are quite a popular choice. Whether you put flowers in them or make them standalone pieces, getting a vase for your home may confuse you.

Choosing the best vase for a home includes considering its color, texture and size. The overall mood of the space or home interior should also be regarded. For a more modern vibe, an abstract style vase would be suitable. However, for a classic-themed home, a subtle vase would be the best choice, and so on. 

Here’s what you need to know for buying the best vase for your home:


1. The atmosphere of your home

What vibes does your home give? To understand the mood, break down the interior design into two parts: color and texture.

Suppose you want to put the vase in your bedroom. What does your bedroom space look and feel like? Perhaps the room is a light blue with a hint of stone-textured walls - a reflection of nature.

Make notes of the space where you want to place your vase.


2. The shape and theme of the vase 

Next, start thinking about the shape of the vase. Here are three basic styles to help you pick out from many options:

  • Classic: Usually has a simple shape like circular, rectangular, round and so on.
  • Modern: Thin, twisted and sleek styles are very common in the modern theme, but there are thicker vases too. 
  • Fun: Bubbly, may even look childish. You can find many fun-themed vases in the shapes of dolphins, penguins, and other animals.

PRO-TIP: If you don’t have a specific shape choice, consider the color and material of the vase instead.


3. The color and material of the vase

Once you’ve decided the shape of the vase, color and texture come next. You can work the other way around as well.

And of course, the choice of colors could be limited in one design. However, you may still get confused about your pick, so here are a few tips:

  • Do you want a vase that blends in with any room? If yes, a neutral color like white, black, brown or grey can compliment any atmosphere. 
  • A glass vase blends in quite well too. And it doesn’t have to be transparent either. It could be translucent with a hint of blue, green, orange or any color you like.
  • If you want to make the space pop, adding a vase made of bronze, silver or gold can make you go a long way. It would give a metallic and glamorous touch.
  • Use a vase with patterns or colors that complement your space. Dealing with colors can be a tricky business. You can learn more about color theory here.

Other than that, here are a few common materials for vases:

  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Aluminum
  • Brass 
  • Bronze

PRO-TIP: Have you got cramped spaces and busy walls? Choose a vase that’s simple to make the room look more open and inviting. For instance, glass can make the space look more natural as it allows the stems to be visible.


4. The size of the vase

Last but not least, what will the function of your vase be? Do you want the vase to be merely a home decor piece? If so, consider the space where you want to put it. How tall and wide can the vase go?

And if you want to put flowers in as well, you need to consider an additional tip. The vase you select should be able to accommodate flowers that are up to twice the length (stems included). This simply means that the portion of the flowers visible from the top would match the exact length of the size.

If you put plants longer than that, the vase would be barely visible and the vessel could get too heavy to handle.


Recap: Choosing the best vase for your home

Hence, the vase you choose depends on its color, texture and size. To help make the right pick, consider the mood and size of the spaces in your home. Remember to make sure the vase is big enough if you plan to put flowers in it!

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